Learn Your Intervals, Using Only Showtunes! (Descending Edition)

As promised, these are the descending intervals. Ascending ones are here.

Click for full size:

showtune intervals descend

These are notated as in their original vocal scores, and I’ve tried to stick with well-known parts of well-known tunes.

I also tried to get around the decades a bit, because I didn’t want to play favourites. Speaking of favourites, delighted to hear any of yours I might have omitted.

Learn Your Intervals, Using Only Showtunes!

This chart is for ascending intervals. I’ll do descending ones next.

Click for full size:

showtune intervals ascend

These are all in original vocal-score keys, and as notated therein.

If you’re not sure where an interval is from, just ask me. I tried to use prominent parts of famous tunes. I wasn’t bucking for any obscure-reference prizes.