Photo: Laura Hardwick, at Wagga's Daily Advertiser
Photo: Laura Hardwick, at Wagga’s Daily Advertiser

I am Peter J Casey. I have a bio here.

I live in Wagga Wagga, NSW, and I divide my time among family, teaching, radio, and theatre. My background is in cabaret and musicals, and my devotion to songwriting is monkish.

This blog owes its existence to Nannygoat Hill, an excellent blog by the excellent Mike Lynch.


21 thoughts on “About

  1. Friend of Queenie’s dad and brother of Murray Fahey, who you have worked with before. We have something that could be of interest for you. Contact me @ Hardrush Music 6112 8406 when convenient.
    Enjoy your excellence

  2. Hi Peter,

    Was looking for somewhere to leave you a message after being at NFF today and specifically the ANZAC concert. I am really lost for words. It was wonderful..so many people young and old in tears. Thanks for being a great host for this special event. It is really a highlight for me after going to the NFF for so many years.


    • You are most kind, Dianna. It was a lovely, very moving concert.

      I feel like a cheat because now I can say I’ve sung at the National Folk Festival, with Margaret Roadknight and Eric Bogle, when my folk credentials are pretty much non-existent.

      All real credit to John Shortis, who can be showered with compliments (if you’ve not already done so) here:


  3. Hello Peter – I spoke to you the other Saturday at TAC, asking for a copy of your gay marriage song. How can we go about this? Cheers,

    Kerrie Roberts….

    • Hi Kerrie,

      I have since thought about this, and here’s my game plan:

      1. Ask the lovely Canberra Gay and Lesbian choir if they’ve recorded my song, and if they would mind etc

      2. Ask the lovely Moya Simpson if she’s recorded it, and if she would mind etc.

      3. Record it myself if they haven’t.

      Send you whatever results.


      • Looking forward to whatever the result of the game plan is. I have heard Moya’s version and it is superb, and I’m quite sure you would do it well yourself.

  4. Hi Pete,
    Long time since we knocked about on the Atari or the streets of Cook … I still can’t play an instrument, much less hum a tune, but my kids aren’t half bad. Hope all is well with you.

    • Hi Michael!
      Yes, I should have kept that Atari – it would have street cred now, if not actual value.
      Glad to hear about your kids being musical. Mine are too, so we must be doing something right.

  5. Dear Peter,

    Sorry to contact you on this public forum, but I’d like to discuss the song ‘Would you like to be a tree’ with you and Carissa, in regards to Play School. Could you call me on 02 8333 3939 or email me please?

    Thanks so much!
    Kylie (ABC)

    • Oh, that’s all right, Kylie! Now people will actually believe me when I say I have co-written a Play School song.


  6. I think you should know, I was speaking to someone who works for Opera Australia and they cast a mixed race, non-white singer as Maria but the Bernstein estate would not allow it. OA fought for it but Bernstein/MTI have final say. Obviously OA doesn’t want to say this publicly and undermine Goodwin or cause tension with MTI.

    • Thanks, JC, but that’s weird, ‘cos the estate didn’t have a problem on Broadway in 2009. Someone is lying.

      • You can choose not to believe it, but they would not accept the casting of the person of colour proposed.

  7. G’day dear Peter-J – What a joy to find you still doing a dazzling array of things, and, what’s more, in Wonderful Wagga! I was especially delighted by this bloggy thing of yours, which I discovered by searching on ‘quodlibets’. Your three entries are great. AND fun too. I’ve been snuffling around for quodlibets for some time – what better to help second year actors get used to the idea of saying something whilst another pesky actor is saying something entirely different at the same time? I don’t tweet. I eschew Instagram. I have a Facebook site largely to allow students who are unsure of emails to make primary contact with me. Id love to catch up with you and e-chat. I’m still obsessed with original Australian music theatre works, and its general inaccessibility to students and singing teachers. Sending very best wishes to you and your dear ones, PatW

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