Bridging The Gap

The second of Trevor Jones’s posts about Oz musicals – in particular, about how they get written, but often don’t get far.

MT Vocal Coach

Transferring original musicals to commercial production

In response to my first article, Craig Donnell, an Executive Producer for the Gordon Frost Organisation, commented on Facebook (with permission to share):

“I support your push for more local content but perhaps you are looking to the wrong people to do the heavy lifting?  Commercial producers are just that, commercial producers – they produce what they believe the public wants to see.  […]  There are numerous organisations around the country who receive funding to develop local content – are they playing their part?  Greater collaboration between those organisations with the advice and experience of commercial producers may prove part of the solution. […] If you want to see Australian content on the main stage touring the big houses then it has to appeal to the wider audience otherwise it will always be constrained to the small stages of pro/am and subsidised theatre –…

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