Speed the Plow review, or, why does the theatre hate me this year?

I like reading Cassie Tongue’s theatre criticism; it helps that I agree with her, particularly about where musicals need to get to, most particularly here in Australia.

She’s brave and smart and generous, and there’s very little return in it. Good on her.

Cassie Tongue

I love the theatre. I’ve loved it for a very long time and I’ve been writingaboutit for several years now as a critic. I love it anew every time I sit down and wait for that hush before the play starts – the promise of something real, something revelatory, that incredible power of the form to tell us something new we’ve always felt, but never quite could put our finger on. Or those times it blows us apart, smashes us open, and remakes us into better humans. I love that.

I just wish the theatre loved me back.

Last night I attended the opening night of Speed-the-Plow, Andrew Upton’s production in the Roslyn Packer theatre. It was a homecoming of sorts, starring Rose Byrne (in the Madonna/Lindsay Lohan role), and that was a hard piece of marketing and casting to resist.

I saw Byrne in an STC…

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