Learn Your Intervals, Using Only Showtunes! (Descending Edition)

As promised, these are the descending intervals. Ascending ones are here.

Click for full size:

showtune intervals descend

These are notated as in their original vocal scores, and I’ve tried to stick with well-known parts of well-known tunes.

I also tried to get around the decades a bit, because I didn’t want to play favourites. Speaking of favourites, delighted to hear any of yours I might have omitted.

3 thoughts on “Learn Your Intervals, Using Only Showtunes! (Descending Edition)

  1. Why would you choose to denote “Music of the Night” in C-sharp major? The printed sheets always print it in D-flat major. (Yes, I know they are enharmonic equivalents.) This is awesome though, this and your ascending version! Helps people recognize intervals well! I love your blog, and how you incorporate the technical aspects of music into the discussion of musicals and their big numbers.

  2. Many thanks for your kind remarks, K. W. Chow.

    As for “Music of the Night”, it wasn’t my choice, but Lloyd Webber’s. The piano-vocal score I’m looking at has it in C sharp, not D flat …

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