Learn Your Intervals, Using Only Showtunes!

This chart is for ascending intervals. I’ll do descending ones next.

Click for full size:

showtune intervals ascend

These are all in original vocal-score keys, and as notated therein.

If you’re not sure where an interval is from, just ask me. I tried to use prominent parts of famous tunes. I wasn’t bucking for any obscure-reference prizes.


4 thoughts on “Learn Your Intervals, Using Only Showtunes!

  1. I know you know Bali Ha’i is a bit of a cheat with that middle note. But two long-running hit musicals of the 1950s, the only shows by their songwriting team, each made into fairly faithful films, had opening numbers, the refrains of which both started with an ascending major seventh. (Yes I realize I’ve stated this in the form of a trivia question.) They are: title song from The Pajama Game and Six Months Out of Every Year (Adler & Ross)

    • That’s some darn good trivia, Noel!

      I love that major 7th from Damn Yankees (“six MAAAAAAHNTHS”), and if its revival had just played on Broadway, I probably would have used it. But I went with one from Cabaret instead.

      It struck me how few great choices there are for the larger intervals, compared with seconds and thirds. I was swamped for choice there.

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