Some Tweets I Didn’t Want to Lose

Most of my time on twitter is spent avoiding songwriting and music duties, so there’s not been much about tweeting in this blog.

But yesterday I procrastinated at work by playing a game with myself called #snaredrum80s. Not much to it: describe, as precisely as you can, the sound of a snare drum in an ’80s recording. Here are the results:

Now I think I’ll drop a pumpkin in a foil-lined bucket and record the results.

Incidentally, tweeting about martial arts got me five new followers, all martial arts bots. We will have so much to talk about!


4 thoughts on “Some Tweets I Didn’t Want to Lose

  1. Possibly doesn’t fit into the 80s theme, but I remember Douglas Adams describing Elton John’s drummers sound as “someone slapping a bucket with a frankfurt,” or something along those lines.

  2. There is nothing I enjoy more than a wet buttock being slapped in an underground carpark.

    … which, by the way, is the Tweet that probably REALLY contributed to your martial arts enthusiast followers — it reminds them of Fight Club. Or, alternatively, the pornographic spin-off, ‘TIGHT CUB.’

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