My Hip Windchime

My neighbours have standard issue windchimes. You know, pentatonic stuff. So bland. Some days, this is all you hear:


Very tedious. I made my own:

It’s tuned to a major scale with a #4 and a b7. This means, for the technically minded, that it’s a lydian dominant windchime, tuned to a close relative of the harmonic series, with no avoid notes.

On a windy day, such things are important.

The bells are made from a curtain rod, and the clapper came out of an old lantern. The whole thing is fairly hefty, so it only sounds on really windy days, and it only plays the occasional, well-chosen note. It’s my Miles Davis of windchimes.

Here’s some audio of this pioneering iconoclast in action.


2 thoughts on “My Hip Windchime

  1. The old Simpsons Scale!! (The best scale in all the world that doesn’t include an augmented 2nd). Woohoo for your neighbourhood!!!

    • We’re all waiting for the day when the laws of probability deliver us something from ‘West Side Story’.

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