Two Recent Google Queries Answered


is walking on sunshine major or minor?

Dear me, it’s so major it’s crazy! The opening chord progression consists of the three major primary triads, the opening notes of the melody are the tonic major triad, and the remainder of the opening phrase is the tonic major pentatonic scale.

It’s so major it makes Do-Re-Mi sound like the Pathetique.


do you think jingle bells is major or minor?

By heaven, I think it’s major! The opening two phrases of the verse outline the tonic major pentatonic scale, and the first notes of the chorus are the tonic major triad.  Furthermore the end of the chorus outlines the tonic major triad all over again.

It’s so major it makes Ode to Joy sound like Psycho, I’m tellin’ ya.

I shall amuse myself by posting, at some point in the future, minor key versions of both these melodies.  And your minds will be blown, gentle truth-seekers.  Be blown.

One thought on “Two Recent Google Queries Answered

  1. More importantly, you shall amuse ME by posting minor key versions of those melodies.

    I anxiously await having my mind blown. Oooh baby.

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