Song Lyrics Heard Only at This Time of Year

Riven – as in “with angels singing”

Don (verb) – as in “we now our gay apparel”

Troll – as in “the ancient yuletide carol”

Yon – as in “virgin”

Lowing – as in “the cattle are”

O’er – as in “the fields we go”

I think it is also the only time of year at which we celebrate the ability of an ox and a lamb to keep time.


4 thoughts on “Song Lyrics Heard Only at This Time of Year

  1. Is the word ‘apparel’ in ANY other song lyric EVER?!! Just a thought. Although I must say the inclusion of a significant commercial category of Christmas merchandise demonstrates the prescience of the lyricist….

    • Tim Rice’s lyric for “My Strongest Suit”, a song from ‘Aida’ that strains to lift hernia-inducing rhymes:

      I would rather wear a barrel Ah
      Than conservative apparel Ah

      And I bet every other song that contains the word rhymes it as well.

  2. I can’t wait for ‘troll’ to have a resurgence in popular music. It’s inevitable — songs are increasingly referring to this digital age we live in. Lyrics document text message communication. They feature snippets of chatroom conversation. I remember this awesomely horrible song from about… 2002? It was called ‘I.M. ME!’ and was sponsored by AOL Instant Messager.
    So, I figure it’s only a matter of time before ‘troll’ appears in the lyrics of some slightly edgier songs about internet culture. ‘TROLLIN’ WITH MY HOOOOooooMIES!’ etc..

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