My Name Means “Rock”

My ten year-old has just started watching Beyblade: Metal Fusion, in which our hero (Gingka) wields a spinning Pegasus top.  As I was born in 1970, I cannot hear these words:

I am Pegasus

without immediately supplying:

my name means “horse”.

Which, it turns, out, Pegasus doesn’t.  The word seems to derive from, if anywhere, old Greek for “spring” or “font”.

Ross Ryan’s song is one of many charming, beloved ditties in which a sensitive male singer explains that he’ll be leaving soon, if that’s all right.  It’s just how he is, you see.  Other examples: The Beatles’ I’ll Follow the Sun, John Denver’s Leaving on a Jet Plane.

The sensitive male is not just Pegasus in this song, but he doesn’t explain what his other names mean.  Here, as best I can determine, are those he omits:

I am Michael, I am Jeffery and John
(I am “Who is like God?”, I am “peaceful district” and “Jehovah has favoured”)

I am Genesis,
(I am “origin”)

I am Simon, I am Demetrius and John
(I am “hearkening” or “hearing”, or possibly “snub-nosed”, I am “son of Demeter” and “Jehovah has favoured” again)

I am Saggitarius
(I am “pertaining to arrows”)

Beyblade: Metal Fusion, incidentally, is full of lines like “A beyblader’s strength comes from his connection to his bey!  Your strength is the size of your heart!”


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