Adventures in NOVA-land, Part One

NOVA (New Opera Ventures Australia) was launched last year, and I heard about it through Caroline Stacey, the Artistic Director at the Street Theatre. She suggested I submit my work thus far on my not-yet-finished chamber opera, The Devil Builds a Chapel.

“Wouldn’t I need a little more opera background?” I asked.

“Oh no,” she said.  “I’m on the assessment panel, and there’ll be works coming in from all sorts of places.”

“You’ll need to recuse yourself if you’re on the panel, won’t you?”

“Darling,” she laughed.  “We’ll all have to recuse ourselves at some point.”

And so, apparently, those panellists did.  There were forty-three works submitted to the Venture, administered by Chamber Made Opera and Victorian Opera, and the five of us who got through are being workshopped this week, with two presentations for audiences this coming Friday and Saturday.

So I’m in Melbourne, where I’ve been awake since 4:30 this morning, like a kid at Christmas.  Plus I feel asleep before 9 last night.  

I’m staying here:

It is, even by the standards of one-bedroom apartments, very basic, and this is probably good; last night I watched a DVD of John Doyle’s 2008 production of Peter Grimes at the Met instead of whatever election campaign stuff was on telly.  I nodded off just after the Great Bear and Pleiades did their thing, but I’m sure it did me good.


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