My Eurohangover

Having listened to every winner, thus far, of Eurovision, I might have left you wondering.

“Pete,” you might be wondering, “What was the worst winner you heard? And is there another you really liked?”

Nice of you to ask.  This 1989 winner, from Yugoslavia, will forever play over Hell’s tannoy.

And this 1962 number, from France, can turn up on my radio any time it likes.

The song I loathe, incidentally, follows every statistical recommendation for success at Eurovision (verse-chorus form, major key chorus, tonic chord at the start of the chorus, key change at the end).

The song I like is in a minor key throughout, does not begin its refrain on the tonic chord, has no key change, and is in AABA form. It is the only winner in Eurovision history to combine these qualities.

Make of that what you will.


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