The Contestants Are Dropping Like Flies! The Week, in Summary …

Dear. Sweet. Jesus. Did you see last night’s episode?  I can’t believe Des was eliminated!  Dessie, who sang that track, you know, the one that goes “Why are we heeeeeere?  What are we doooooooooing, it’s craaaaaaaazy!”

I don’t know what it’s called, it’s from some show or some movie, but he sings it beautifully and they eliminated him anyway!  We should have known, shouldn’t we, because last week he won the Bonus Invulnerability Round.  And so far this season, six out of the ten eliminees have been winners or runner-ups in the week before’s BIR.

Charlene was a bitch about it too.  Where does she get off saying that he was thin on his top notes?  I’d like to see her get up there, I bet people would rather go to another Julie Andrews concert than hear Charlene sing these days.

Anyway, courage all, because that now means that Brian is the leading contender of the four remaining guys for the Wild Card Exclusivity Challenge next week, especially because he ranked in the top three of the Prime Level Audience Vote-a-thon at the start of the series.  But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michael change the rules on that, right in the second-last episode, and make Brian have to go back to the same level as the other four guys.  They’re always doing stuff like that.

What track do you think he should do next week, though?  Like, an acty-dramatic sort of thing?  Remember, Leon won with that angsty “Do you see the face here, that I’m wearing, the face behind the face you see” number in 2009, and he wasn’t even that fanciable.

I know, some of you will say that it’s Brian, Brian the Ballad, and I agree, but maybe he’s better off mixing it up a little? It’s a pity there isn’t a kind of track that starts like a ballad and finishes like an actory sort of thing.  Does anyone know a track like that?  Maybe we could send it to him.

OK, I’m just going to say this once and then move on, OK?  Alot, really alot of you were tweeting last night about how what happened to Des was so unfair and that maybe this isn’t really the way to choose a leading man?  I know, I know how you could feel that, but this way involves us, yes?  This way, we get to be part of it all, and that’s a good thing.  Television and theatre have been living together for hundreds of years, and now we finally have a way that they can work together, with everybody enjoying the benefits.  Except Des.

Anyway, as long as Brian wears that purple shirt again, I think he’ll be fine next week, and another deserving theatre star will be on the stage by June.


5 thoughts on “The Contestants Are Dropping Like Flies! The Week, in Summary …

  1. They are doing this in Oz as well?

    Speaking of Oz, Sir ALW is presiding over finding a new Dorothy. They are all dressed like harlots and at the end if they get voted off they have to surrender their ruby red slippers and then sing “Somewhere over the rainbow” through tears as the dreams they dared to dream don’t come true.


    • No, it’s not happening here. Yet. I made this all up, as a CHILLING GLIMPSE into an ORWELLIAN FUTURE.

      And I’m still not as good as the real guys. The slippers. The tears. Evil geniuses, the Brits, and look at all those original Brit musicals opening on the West End every year!

  2. You’ve used a photo of Fabian? Hmmmm.

    If you want me
    Come on and get me
    Here I stand
    Your lovin’ man……

    Ah, good times.

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