What’s That? Not Enough Songs About a Vasectomy?

Hey Guys (An Apology to My Balls)

I promised I’d finish this one first, as voted by y’all here, and on facebook.  I know, it took me long enough, but here it is:

Hey guys,
Now that we’re talking again,
Can I apologise?
One man to two little men …

Hey guys,
Perhaps a drive to the coast,
When I can feel my thighs.
I know, you stayed at your post.
I guess what hurt you the most
Is that I took you by surprise.

But did you not think it strange,
When you woke that special morning
Without your growth?
I’d shaved you both.
Was that not like a warning?

Didn’t you feel the breeze and realise
There was a change in the air?

Hey guys?

Hey guys,
We’ll go out riding again
When you’re a normal size.
I’ll say you’re special, but then
You’re just like millions of men
Who’ve had a mid-career demise:

You did one thing really well,
You did one thing to perfection.
You served your term, and then the firm
Moved in a new direction,

Hey guys,
Don’t see this as an ending.
Instead it’s an unscheduled freedom that you’ve found,
And I still need you

To hang around.

You can hear it in my voice,
You can feel it when we touch,
You can see it in my eyes …

Hey guys.

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