The APRA Song of the Year, The Final Chapter (sort of)

I voted for Blood, by The Middle East.  I listened to many, many songs, but didn’t hear a better one.

APRA’s website, incidentally, had a page of eligible songs once I logged on, with audio links to myspace or YouTube.  Perhaps they have done for this for some time, and I’ve never known because I didn’t vote.  No qualms about voting this year.

Having listened to so many songs, I have a gut feeling about the likely winner.  I reckon it’ll be someone like Sarah Blasko, and a song like All I Want.  Or maybe another song from her album As Day Follows Night.

The producer of that album, Bjorn Yttling, does a damn fine job of impersonating Lee Hazlewood’s work with Nancy Sinatra.  I think All I Want might win because – to paraphrase Samuel Johnson – it is not a great song, but it brings great songs to mind.


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