Underrated Song: Photographs (Me In Love With You)

Alec Wilder wrote a highly opinionated book, American Popular Song: The Great Innovators, 1900-1950. Gosh, it’s a good book.  He has the chutzpah to criticise Rodgers, Berlin, Kern – all of the greats – whenever he feels they’re not at their best.  Pfft, you might say – who’s Alec Wilder, apart from the writer of that lovely 1942 jazz standard I’ll Be Around?

Alec Wilder is the co-writer of this song, to a lyric by Fran Landesman.  Pfft, you might say – who’s Fran Landesman, apart from the co-writer of that lovely 1955 jazz standard Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most?

If you want a few laughs
Old photographs
Are fun to rummage through

Here’s our house in the snow
So long ago
And me in love with you.

Please, cabaret singers, start doing this one.  A tiny, modest little song, and it makes me ache with envy. Amongst other things.


6 thoughts on “Underrated Song: Photographs (Me In Love With You)

  1. Peter,
    One of my favorites. Agreed that it’s nearly missed (save for Wesla). Does sheet music exist for this?

    • I’ve certainly never seen it anywhere. I’d probably rustle up a chart by ear and get half the chords wrong.

  2. Barbara Fasano does a beautiful and sweetly haunted version on her “Busy Being Free” album released in 2015.

    • Thanks for that, Andy! Yes, that Latin groove gives it a feeling of bravely holding back the tears, which I like.

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