The APRA Song of the Year, Part 6

These are the Number One singles from last year’s ARIA chart by Australian acts [insert tired protestation here about how commercial popularity is no guarantee of artistic worth].

Why the Number Ones, and not, say, the Number Eights?  Easy:  I can’t find a list of songs that peaked at Number Eight, but I can easily find a list of Number Ones.

Burn – Jessica Mauboy.  Credited writers: Mich Hansen, Taj Jackson, Jonas Jeberg
Sounds like someone wants to be hit by Chris Brown 1.3

Like it Like That – Guy Sebastian.  Credited writers: Guy Sebastian, David Ryan Harris, Sean Hurley
Difficult to listen to this as purely a song, given that it’s become so damn ubiquitous, but it’s actually about something, it develops its initial idea, and then it runs out of tricks after about two minutes 3.75

This is Who I Am – Vanessa Amorosi.  Credited writers: Vanessa Amorosi, Robin Mortensen Lynch, Niklas “Nikey” Olovson
All that “I like me” pyschobabble from the ’70s is really biting us in the arse now 1.5

Now even if I could figure out if all these writers are members of APRA, there’s no way I could learn where they lived for most of last year, and only they and APRA know what percentage of the songwriting credit goes to whom.  So let’s be charitable and assume they’re all eligible.

And I must say, commercial popularity really is no guarantee of artistic worth.


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