The APRA Song of the Year, Part 4

Before I get into this, I’m aware of two obvious limitations to my approach.

1.  JJJ lists inherently favour the indie/songer-songwriter/crotch-rock/thoughtful pop acts.  If there are great new country songs, folk songs, art songs, or Indigenous Australian songs, I won’t hear them by using this list.

2.  These are singles.  If the best song was Track 8 on the album, I won’t hear it by using this list.

My defence is that you gotta start somewhere.

Here are the Aussie acts and their songs in the 2009 Triple J Hottest 100:

Bertie BlackmanThump (93), Byrds of Prey (71)
The Middle EastThe Darkest Side (87), Blood (64)
Miami HorrorSometimes (82)
Yves Klein BlueGetting Wise (79)
Tame ImpalaRemember Me (78)
JetShe’s a Genius (77)
WolfmotherNew Moon Rising (75)
Art vs ScienceFriend In the Field (74), Parles Vous Francais? (2)
SiaYou’ve Changed (72), Buttons (CSS Remix) (50)
WashingtonCement (67)
Illy Pictures (66)
Eskimo JoeForeign Land (65)
KarnivoolAll I Know (63), Set Fire to the Hive (47)
The Temper TrapLove Lost (58), Science of Fear (48), Fader (21)
Philadelphia Grand JuryThe Good News (57)
PowderfingerAll of the Dreamers (49)
British IndiaVanilla (42)
Angus and Julia StoneAnd the Boys (40)
The John Butler TrioOne Way Road (39)
Hilltop HoodsStill Standing (37)
Little BirdyBrother (34)
Paul DempseyRamona Was a Waitress (32)
Seth SentryThe Waitress Song (31)
Sarah BlaskoAll I Want (29), We Won’t Run (28)
Bag RaidersShooting Stars (18)
Lisa MitchellCoin Laundry (7)
Bluejuice Broken Leg (5)
Hilltop HoodsChase That Feeling (3)

What a daunting list.  In the interests of sanity, I’ll listen to them all but keep the comments brief.  Oh, and the eligibility rule is:

A) The work must have been written principally (ie. minimum 50% share) by an APRA writer member principally domiciled in Australia.

B) The work must have been released in the relevant 12 month calendar period.

So I’ll just assume these songs are all eligible.  I don’t know about Flight of the Conchords, but just to be thorough, I’ll listen to Too Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor) (86), Hurt Feelings (30) and Carol Brown (24) as well.


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