Tales of Deryn Du

Way back when this silliness all began, it was the superbly named Marshall Stacks who pointed out that Kookaburra‘s melody was the same as a Welsh folk song, Wele ti’n eistedd aderyn du?

Today there are similar reports, although it’s important to get your Welsh right. A lot of songs about blackbirds in Welsh, apparently.
So, to clarify:

The Welsh tune in question is not, as reported here, A Ei Di’r ‘Deryn Du, which is a very, very nice tune, in fact probably superior to Wele ti’n eistedd aderyn du?, but not the same as Kookaburra at all, and you can hear it here.

It’s also not Aderyn du – you know, the one that goes “Aderyn du ai blufyn sidan, ei big aur ai dafod arian / Ei di drosta i i Gydweli …”  Here’s a pretty girl singing that one:

Instead, Wele ti’n eistedd aderyn du? sounds like this (but see the comment below from Anthony Linden Jones):

I now request that one of Australia’s more smart-arse bands (I’m looking at you, TISM) record a patriotic song with lots of flute quotations in the background, from all the Welsh blackbird songs. 

Meanwhile, is there nothing but our wretched national anthem that we can claim as our own?


4 thoughts on “Tales of Deryn Du

  1. This is a furphy! I went looking for more information and found discussions of it on Welsh trad music sites.

    It is an old trad song with the original tune replaced by Kookaburra – probably done in the 1960s. This kind of thing is common practice in the folk community.

    • Oh, what a shame. I’ve amended the post, and I thank you, Anthony.

      I now want to hear the original version of Wele ti’n eistedd aderyn du?, because the melody for A Ei Di’r ‘Deryn Du is a cracker.

      And does this mean the Welsh folkies are Larrikin’s next target?

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