The Saga of Early Peter Allen Albums (Part One)

It began simply. I wanted to write a post about how under-appreciated Peter Allen is as a songwriter, with particular emphasis on his early balladeer stuff, but I hadn’t heard much of it.  So, I thought, I’d better check out the albums he made in the early 1970s, just in case they’re lousy.  Should be easy to find them, right?  Peter Allen is a pretty significant artist in Australian annals, and he had a couple of major hits in the USA as both performer and songwriter.  Plus there’s that musical.  So I ought to have little trouble hunting down his early albums.

Nothing on itunes except compilations and that musical.  Ooh, a karaoke version!

Not much on amazon either.  A lot of compilations, and that musical.  Oh, there’s I Could Have Been a Sailor.  And his first self-titled effort.  But where’s Tenterfield Saddler?  I really want to hear that album Tenterfield Saddler.

I could find some blogger who’s posted it for download, or go to some Russian website of dubious legality, but I want to hold it in my hands.  eBay?

Wait, I work casually at 666 ABC, and there’s a huge record library there!  Into the car, kids!

What do you mean the online catalogue is undergoing scheduled maintenance?  That’s unAustralian!  I’ll never find a specific album in that huge bloody collection.

Hmm-hm-hum-hm, shush kids, I won’t be much longer, hm-hm-not-the-boy-next-door.  Ah …

Now, in a perfect world, there would be an inner sleeve with rustic artwork depicting the actual Tenterfield saddlery …

But wait, there’s no LP in this sleeve!  The LP is in this other sleeve!

What the hell?  Jeff Porcaro?  Bi-CoastalI Still Call Australia Home?  Where is Tenterfield Saddler, dammit?  Let’s look at the actual LP …

At last.  I had read on the wikipedia entry that Allen’s original albums are hard to find.  Wikipedia wasn’t kidding.

A review will follow.


10 thoughts on “The Saga of Early Peter Allen Albums (Part One)

  1. Love it – My parents used to put us to sleep to this album (actually my Dad’s in Nicholls and probably still has the album in the garage – too late?).

  2. Excellent work. Well done. Been a fan of Peter’s for a looooong time being a baby boomer. “Bandstand” an’ all. Still get a little misty over ‘Tenterfield Saddler’ and just found your saga while looking for lyrics for ” Just ask me, I’ve been there”. Not an easy task either.

    • Thank you for letting me know about this, Bruce. Lovely post.

      It’s true, he didn’t have much luck with record labels when it came to his albums. Nowadays he’d be plastered all over YouTube and facebook, forever promoting gigs, and the fate of the albums probably wouldn’t matter so much.

  3. Awesome memory…. Meeting, and having fun listening to Peter play a friends piano in San Diego, (albeit before, and during throat cancer recovery)
    Time marches on, but memories are forever….

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