I Think Enough Time Has Passed, And It Can Now Finally Be Said.

I’ve been re-listening to the Follies in Concert recording from 1985, and I still can’t believe how much that audience loses its goddamn collective mind. They just wet themselves. It made me remember what Clive Barnes, in the New York Times, wrote about the show’s score, back in 1971:

Mr. Sondheim’s music comes in two flavors-nostalgic and cinematic. The nostalgic kind is for the pseudo-oldie numbers, and I must say that most of them sound like numbers that you have almost only just forgotten, but with good reason … The cinematic music is a mixture of this and that, chiefly that. I doubt whether anyone will be parodying it in thirty or forty years’ time.

So now that, nearly forty years later, everyone is parodying Sondheim’s style, and bearing in mind that Clive Barnes got it right with other shows, such as A Chorus Line; and with the added consideration that he is no longer alive, having died last November, I still think it can now be said:

You were wrong, Clive. Very wrong. And you were a bitch about it.

Up yours, Clive.


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