100th Post Special! Let’s Look to the Future!

Wow, songwriting fans!  It’s been about five months, and what a journey it’s been!  So much arcane trivia from me!  So many requests from you for that song that goes “we walked in a garden, we planted a seed”!

But the fun isn’t over, because there is so much left to do!  So many songwriting questions remain!  So many …

 … Challenges For the Future

1.  When Michael Bolton sings, “Said I loved you, but I lied, cos this is more than love I feel inside.  Said I loved you, but I was wrong …”  which one is it?  He was mistaken about love, or he was deliberately misleading us on the matter?  A lie is not the same as a mistake, is it?  There’s the crucial element of intent, Your Honour.  Frankly, the lying version is a much more interesting idea.

2.  When people sing along lustily to the chorus of Vanessa Amorosi’s “Absolutely Everybody“, are they aware that its entire chorus could be edited down to:

Absolutely everybody,
Everybody, everybody.
Absolutely everybody in the whole wide world
Absolutely everybody
Every boy and every girl
Absolutely everybody.

3.  In the Madness song Our House, “Mother’s tired, she needs a rest. The kids are playing up downstairs“, but later, “Our mum, she’s so house-proud.  Nothing ever slows her down.”  So which is it?  She sometimes needs a rest, or nothing ever slows her down?  Are these the parallel but mutually exclusive realities that inevitably accompany any contemplation of our own childhood?  Or just the sound of Camden ska boys getting rich and not giving a crap?

4.  Is anyone more daggy than Rupert Holmes?  Is anyone cooler than Kate Bush?  The why don’t more people notice that Escape and Babooshka have exactly the same plot?  Sure, there are superficial differences – Rupert narrates in the first person, and Kate’s heroine is deliberately testing her lover – but where’s the medley, cabaret artists?  Where’s the mashup, groovy DJs?

And these are just the tip of the challenge iceberg.  Onward!


11 thoughts on “100th Post Special! Let’s Look to the Future!

  1. I think you’re being a bit harsh on Ms Amorosi and her songwriters. Voice as instrument (melodic or percussive) is just as valid a use as lyrical storytelling, and repetition is a valid poetic device (I tried to find some examples of this on the interweb but it gave me the poem “Humpty Dumpty”, which doesn’t really help my argument).

    Of course I have never heard the song and it may be rubbish, in which case get stuck in!

    • I implore anyone who sees Jane’s link to follow it. Follow it! Jane, I have no words to express my gratitude.

      Price Control:
      ” …you can protect the consumers from payin’ too much,
      and since most of them are voters, that can be clutch”

      • Hey Jane and Peter, thanks for the props! (I noticed the referral traffic on our site.) My co-founder Ben wrote most of those lyrics as part of that project we did in partnership with Flat World Knowledge. We had a ton of fun creating all those economics songs!

        Robbie Mitchell
        Rhythm, Rhyme, Results

  2. The image that pops up when one’s cursor hovers over that Michael Bolton link is the ultimate argument against Site Previews. David Lynch couldn’t make it any scarier.

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