Triple Rhyme Challenge (With Handle) Pt III

The only challenge word left is ‘liquid’.

The handle is to rhyme it using a foreign word or phrase, preferably a very well-known one.

It turns out to be tricky, mostly because the emphasis in ‘liquid’ is on the first syllable.  And it’s hard to find words that rhyme with that “li” sound, with an emphasis on that syllable to boot.  Lots of words that end in “ee”, but a short “i” vowel?  Not so many.

Furthermore, I’m an idiot for giving myself the foreign word or phrase handle.  Without it, there would be these possibilities (and, I’m sure, others):

You could have a thick widow, a slick widow, a hick widow and a Mick widow (sorry, my Irish brothers).  They would all rhyme. 

When the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform ‘Suck My Kiss’, Anthony hollers stick wid this, and that rhymes.

If Dick Whittington were from, say, New Jersey, he’d be Dick Widdington, and that would rhyme.

That actor Richard Widmark?  His nickname?  “Dick Wid”, surely.  That would rhyme.

As for the foreign word or phrase, the best contender, I think, is quid pro quo.  So, at this stage, I’m trying to think of some quatrain regarding the Monty Python team, and how, in return for something we gave them, they gave us The Knights Who Say “Ni” – quid pro quo.

See?  Natural, unforced, simple …

… I’ll keep you posted.


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