Obligatory Post About Twitter

John Mayer’s promise to lay off the tweets is from a while ago, and it could be bogus, but it set me to thinking: can a great song lyric fit within 140 characters?

By “great”, of course, I mean the following:

  1. has lasted twenty years or so
  2. is beloved by many
  3. is begrudgingly acknowledged by those who loathe it
  4. is not a dance/groove track where the lyric is pretty much the title (Bus Stop, Mashed Potato, Smack My Bitch Up … )

I can think of one contender, and its entire lyric consists of these words:

You are so beautiful to me can’t you see you’re everything I hoped for everything I need.

That’s 89 characters, if spaces count.  At least I think it is, but I got all teary while reading it. 

Take note, John Mayer.  And congratulations to Billy Preston, Bruce Fisher, Dennis Wilson (reportedly), Joe Cocker, and producer Jim Price.


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