Too Hip For Adults

The best thing about having young kids in the house?  I get to hear kids’ TV themes, often twice as hip as anything written for grownups.

And the phenomenon is not new.  I remember being astonished at the time shifts and Frippesque guitar line in this when I first heard it in about 1986:

And this classic (which everyone has forgotten inspired the Simpsons theme) has always been impressive for its red-hot band.  Check out those trumpets!

More recently, Andre 3000 did the whole P Funk thing (sorry, thang) in the theme for Class of 3000:

Disney has been outsourcing lately, and it’s made them appear much more current.  Phineas and Ferb has Bowling For Soup adding a ska-punk flavour (sorry, flava), which is fun, and I swear the Aussie TV version is faster than this (sped up for time?):

My latest favourite combines time-shifts, Japanese pop-punk (with a ’60s retro bubblegum bridge) and silly lyrics:

Happy to hear of any others.


6 thoughts on “Too Hip For Adults

  1. I have always liked the way Transformers fits in “the decepticons” at the end of that descending bit … somehow the music seems to have been written to accommodate rather clumsy lyrics … and the other thing that fascinates me about this theme is the ease with which my son sings it tunelessly around the house …

    • You are a very cool mum if your son knows the original Transformers theme.

      And I bet the original lyrics were in Japanese, and still clumsy.

  2. I know it’s not a cartoon, but I always loved the Monkey Magic theme. Very funky.
    And while on the subject of monkey, I always thought the ‘world before Monkey’ where ‘primal chaos reigned’ looked like milk poured into a cup of tea.

    • That’s deep, Alex, that goes real deep, because a nice cup of tea supplies the Brownian motion that fuels the Infinite Improbability Drive, if memory serves. Not a lot of people see the connection between Monkey and Douglas Adams, but it’s there.

      You’re right about the music, too: I only just now heard how freaky and fusion-jazzy it all gets behind the voiceover at the start, especially when that uphill-rolling egg appears.

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