Some Proposed Music Terms

Partly inspired by this site, where existing terminology is gathered, and by this, where John Lloyd and Douglas Adams gave much-needed names to universal phenomena. 

I propose the following terms for common situations in music, as yet (I believe) unnamed:

The Streisand – in which the audience applauds after the first line of a song, partly to express approbation, and mostly to show off:

Mem’rieeeeees … [applause, polite cheers] … light the corners of my mind …

Kiss today goodbye … [applause, sighs] …

Revisited Revisited – the act of sitting down to listen to a classic album, only to discover that you already know every word.

Fool’s Gold – any song that is worshipped blindly by someone who was the right age when it came out, even though said song is a piece of crap.  Named after Fools Gold by The Stone Roses, but other examples include Born Slippy by Underworld, November Rain by Guns N’ Roses, and anything by The Verve.

Boozical – a show that can only be enjoyed when good and drunk (cf. Mamma Mia, Cats, Miss Saigon)

Collapso – any West Indian music played by white people.


5 thoughts on “Some Proposed Music Terms

  1. Re The Streisand – a sub genre would be The Sinatra where they start applauding before you even sing, which is a good thing when you’re very very old … too old in fact to be singing (ie opening to NYNY or the song he said he hated – I Did It My Way).

    • Twice I have had – and it was fan-bloody-tastic – an audience start the applause just before my number was ending. I have decided to call it The Lansbury.

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