Now That The Dead Horse Has Bolted

Had I voted, in JJJ’s Hottest 100, I would have answered their question exactly: What is your hottest song of all time?  I would have interpreted the silly “of all time” part as meaning “thus far”, and therefore my vote would have been for:

  1. A song.  Not a recording, but a song.  That is to say, Good Vibrations, by the Beach Boys, which is quite simply one of the greatest singles ever recorded, a triumph of production and aural arranging, is out, because it isn’t much of a song.  That’s why nobody’s game to cover it: what would you do except palely imitate the original recording?
  2. A song that was hot when it first came out, and is still hot now. A hot, hot, hot song, not some faddish flash in flannel.
  3. A song that everyone knows, not something obscure that parades my hipster status.

My vote would have been for a composition by two women, incidentally, although that shouldn’t matter as much as it does.

My vote would have been for Happy Birthday To You.


3 thoughts on “Now That The Dead Horse Has Bolted

  1. This reminds me of something I read once that Paul McCartney apparently thought “Wouldn’t It Be Good” by the Beach Boys to be the greatest pop song of all time.

    It is now my role to go off at a tangent in response to your posts.

  2. Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday has new hotness – we’re all supposed to sing it while washing our hands to ensure we’re Swine Flu Proof. So you’re right. It’s hot even now.

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