Today’s Rhyme Challenge: luggage

I mentioned in an earlier post that 2 syllable words ending in ‘age’, emphasis on the first syllable, don’t get rhymed a lot.  I have few ambitions in life except to take them all down, one at a time.

Still to go:  bandage, bondage, blockage, cabbage, cleavage, coinage, courage, damage …

Oh!  I just had a brainwave!  Pauly Shore’s annoying Californian speech mannerism as seen in the movie Encino Man!  Put “-age” at the end of any available noun!  Now it’s easy:

Dude, nice luggage.

C’mere, bro, for some huggage.

Surely someone, somewhere is working on a musical adaptation of Encino Man.  Anyone?
Meanwhile, for purists who abhor a cheat:

Three things I bought while overseas:

A mug, a Japanese fan, vermouth.

Three things I lost while overseas:

My luggage, appetite, and youth.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Rhyme Challenge: luggage

  1. I have definitely cheated here:

    Once the struggle was over the meticulous thug
    Adjusted necktie and coat and stowed the body like luggage.

    It’s meant to be hiphop, which is why the metre’s slack, but, then, so why is the character wearing a suit instead of a hoodie?

    I think your one is excellent. Vermouth is exactly the sort of thing a purist who collects Japanese fans would sip while regretting his no-doubt misspent youth.

  2. I think the thug has a suit under his hoodie, yes?
    And now that you’ve given my effort a character, I realize he should say “abroad”, not “overseas”.

  3. Actually, it might have been subconsciously prompted by the nattily-dressed Brother Mouzone from The Wire, to which I have been lately addicted.

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