Today’s Rhyme Challenge: nothing

This is a piece of cake if you’re only after the terminal syllable, but given that the EM-pha-sis is on the first SY-lla-ble in NU-thing, that strikes me as unsatisfactory.

The only way I can do it is to allow a lisp:

Theven year-old Thally,

Who’th jutht lotht a tooth,

Ith futhing, futhing, futhing

Over nothing, nothing, nothing.


I would love to see any other solutions.



8 thoughts on “Today’s Rhyme Challenge: nothing

    • Yay! Cuthing! I didn’t think of that.

      Didn’t think of cajun accents, either, but I did attempt this cheat by going all Artful Dodgery:

      ‘e’s a low one, ‘e is, ‘e’s bluffing.
      ‘e dunno no-one, ‘e dunno nuffing.

      • That’s a good approach because it opens all the “uffings” like huffing and puffing and stuffing and perhaps even quaffing?

  1. We don’t hear b’doom-tish or his dubbita-cha thing:
    Our drummer has gone off to war.
    Now I tell the last line of a joke and then – nothing –
    It’s like they ain’t funny no more…

  2. There’s a story of Count Basie’s band meeting to rehearse in the middle of WWII, and finding that the rhythm section had been drafted. That wasn’t funny either, but people say the scarcity of musicians contributed to the birth of be-bop.

  3. Did you hear Trevor Marmalade comment on Spicks and Specks that the only two words in the English language that rhyme with Australia are failure and genitalia? Your mate Campbell was on too.

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