Well, we all have a fetish.

Mine is for songs where the lyric says one thing, and the music says another.  One such is Comden, Green and Bernstein’s “Some Other Time“, from On the Town (the Broadway show, not the film version, of course).  Another is Rube Bloom and Johnny Mercer’s “Fools Rush In“. 

Both songs have a lyric that, on paper, is pretty upbeat, but is undercut by a melancholy melody and set of chord changes.  They are lovely examples of what a song can do that poetry cannot.  Here’s my attempt at the same kind of song.

Just for the nerdish among you, I gave myself a couple of technical challenges, including writing a melody with a range of just over an octave.  That used to be pretty standard for anyone writing a Fred Astaire number:  he didn’t have a huge singing range, but then neither does the average guy.

According to My Heart

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