A Song of Male Lust

Songs of female desire come in many varied flavours (wish-fulfillment on the part of male writers?), but songs that deal with male desire tend to adopt one of two forms:

  1. Baby, Grab Hold Of Something, ‘Cos Here I Come
  2. You Are My Moon, My Stars, My Everything But Actual Physical Contact

Where’s the humour?  Why is female desire fun, while male desire is either sociopathic or wet, wet, wet?  I find there are many states between these two extremes, and I think other males do too – not that any of them are prepared to talk about it.

So I offer up a fun little song, on a subject I haven’t seen treated in the past: it’s the I-can’t-concentrate-during-my-day-job-because-of-last-night-you-little-minx number.  Some old-fashioned songwriter features I hope you’ll enjoy:

  1. the workplace could be practically anybody’s
  2. the relationship herein could be hetero or same-sex.
  3. the venerable use of scatting as a euphemism.

Of course, the ultimate test of a song of this type would be if a woman wanted to sing it …

My Mind Was On You

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