Double Rhyme Challenge: promises, orange

Sondheim (him again?) quipped “You can have an orange or a porringer”, and that works fine for a New Yorker, but not for me.  The jury’s out on which syllable, first or second, is stressed in ‘sporange’.  There’s also Blorenge, in Wales.

Oh, and the ‘promises’ one sorta happened by accident.

Thomas always promises,

“There’s no band like Thomas’s!”

His band? He’s just the drummer.


They play that punky foreign jazz,

Their singer’s hair as orange as

A mandarin in summer.




7 thoughts on “Double Rhyme Challenge: promises, orange

  1. Yeah. ‘Cos we say Ralph LAU-ren, whereas I think Yanks say Ralph Lau-REN. Serves them right.

    I confess I had to look up “heirloom oranges”.

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