Today’s Rhyme Challenge: potpourri

The trick is to rhyme all syllables, perfectly, and not to wonder why anyone would want to. 

I’ve heard some Americans (of the trailer-park variety) pronounce this one ‘pot-poo-ree’, but everyone I know says ‘poe-pah-ree.’  So:

Oh, Paree!

Where she discovered absinthe, cheroots

and potpourri.


As ever, all other contributions welcome.


5 thoughts on “Today’s Rhyme Challenge: potpourri

    • Wow, Adelaideans are just weird. Still, that’s a challenge all of its own – and I’m really glad you like the blog.

  1. So she gave up city life with all its manias and mopery
    She set up a new age bakery in Berry
    And with sourdough and crystals and with little bowls of potpourri
    She tried her very darnedest to be merry.

    Although it turns out that ‘mopery’ does not mean at all what I thought it did:

    • I vastly prefer what turns out to be its true meaning, and I doff my hat at the subtle echo in the middle of another line with the word ‘bakery’. Was that deliberate?

      Gotta go flash a blind man now.

      • No, it wasn’t. I did revise ‘bakery’ out of and back into that line, but it was the alliteration in ‘bakery in Berry’ I was fighting to keep.

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