My Collection of Major 7ths.

Some people collect stamps; some collect lovers.  Others – well, just me – collect instances of two adjacent notes that are a major 7th apart in well-known songs.  I think it’s because they’re supposed to be so little used, and so hard to pitch, so I love it when they’re not.  Minor 7ths are OK, but we don’t get to choose whom we love.  Thus:


Victor Young/Edward Heyman – When I Fall in Love (“and the moment I can feel that …”)

Mancini/Mercer – Moon River (“I’m crossing you in style …”)

Waaktaar/Furuholmen/Harket – Take On Me (1st and 2nd words of the title, “Take on me …”)


Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now (“And feather canyons everywhere …”)

Charles Strouse/Martin Charnin – Tomorrow (“There’ll be sun …”)

Cole Porter – I Love You (it’s right there in the title, 2nd and third word)

Instrumental examples include Lee Morgan’s Ceora, the Theme from Fantasy Island (which is really just Bali Ha’i upside down), Vince Guaraldi’s Cast Your Fate to the Wind, and probably somewhere in every second bar of your average Schoenberg piano piece.


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