Today’s Rhyme Challenge: chimney

Many’s the English word that has no single perfect rhyme: ‘orange’ is probably the most famous, or ‘month’.  (Actually, I have a rhyme for month, but it requires a lisp and is too filthy even for the internet.)

So here’s ‘chimney’:

The girls are sitting, prim, knees together,

hands on laps.

The boys all smoke like chimneys,

and look in vain for gaps.


12 thoughts on “Today’s Rhyme Challenge: chimney

    • Ooh, yes. There must be people who pronounce it “chim-i-nee”, which would be great for references to Jiminy Cricket.

      “Cup of tea” is fine if you’re not after both syllables, but of course, I am. Sad, anal little man.

        • To answer Jane’s query about ‘n’ and ‘m’, I freely admit that I’m a complete fuddy-duddy. There are a thousand songwriters who will happily rhyme ‘fine’ with ‘time’ or ‘phone’ with ‘home’. I can’t do it, even in the middle of a word like ‘chimney’. It’s a curse.

  1. Our Hero escapes his lower-middle-class origins in London:

    Suburban and grim, Neasden’s mock-Tudor chimneys
    I’ll never return to again.

    • I love it – especially the juxtaposition of ‘suburban and grim’, which exemplifies the rhymester’s creed that the best parts are often those that don’t rhyme.

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