How You Too Can Sue Coldplay

Looking for attention? Validation?  Want to take out a soft target?

Easy! Start with a chord progression like this: Dm7, G7, Cmaj7, Am.

Now here’s the fun part – make sure your melody sits on the ninth of the first chord.  Make sure it goes up one step in the scale, and then down a third.  Repeat as a sequence for the next two chords.  It should look like this:


Wow! You sound like that annoying Viva la Vida!  And that weak Joe Satriani instrumental!  And a pretentious Cat Stevens song no-one remembers!  And a thousand other tunes, but their composers aren’t rich.

Now back-date everything, get on the phone to your law firm, and prepare to live like a king!

Why it will be lucky to go to court, or even settle out of court, can be found here.


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