A Note on the Odd Prevalence of Queens

What age do songwriters treat as the beginning of lurv?  Seventeen.  And what do they almost always associate seventeen with, through the magic of rhyme? A queen.  It’s very, very odd.

Boyd Bennet:    Seventeen, hot rod queen …

Stevie Wright:   You got the body of a woman, the way you move it like a queen / You got the face to raise a riot, and still you’re only seventeen.

ABBA:  You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen.

Samantha Fox: I’m seventeen, I’m a dancing queen …

Stray Cats:  She’s sexy and seventeen, My little rock-roll queen …

Janis Ian:  I learned the truth at seventeen / That love was meant for beauty queens.

They are bound to be others. Paul McCartney originally wrote ‘Well, she was just seventeen, never been a beauty queen’, but fortunately John Lennon proposed ‘You know what I mean’.  And Queen are to be commended for sticking to gelatine and laser beams, while The Sex Pistols deserve a mention for the fascist regime and ain’t no human bean.

But what are songwriters teaching us?

  1. There are many more queens (of all kinds) in songs than there are in real life.
  2. Seventeen year-olds are totally up for it.

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