Functionally Attired

John arrived about 10ish, and I presented him with:

act-self-govt-mk3I typed this up on Sibelius and could have pretended it was days old, but John understands, so I told him it was begun the day before in the car.

I now need to write two more verses, and the lines that will change each time in the chorus.

The melody won’t win any prizes for originality (which is fine, ‘cos there aren’t any) but I confess to three reasons for this:

1. I want politicians to be able to sing along with the last chorus, and they ain’t renowned for their musical skills.

2. I want the song to sound like a thousand other folk waltzes you’ve heard before (see above reason).

3. The song’s never, ever gonna be performed again.  It’s a one-off number for a special occasion.  Get on, get a laugh, get off.


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