Cabaret Songs

Each title links back to the original post, should you fancy origin stories, links to our wider culture, blatherings etc.

Southern Hemisphere Love

Because I grew tired of the assumption that June=Summer, September=Fall, April=Spring etc. Sheet music here.


A Girl (Just Like the Girl)

With apologies to Harry Von Tilzer and William Dillon, this is mother-worship for our modern times. Sheet music here.


Feeling the Feels

Every Disney love ballad from now on. No need to write another. Sheet music here.


Brian the Chemist

A surprisingly heartfelt ode to the virtues of amateur musical theatre. Skip to 1:40 if you can’t abide patter.



I Am Sick to Death of Hearing About the Weimar Republic

Self-explanatory title, I think.



My Fundy Christian Girl

A Hillsong lovesong, if you will.



Sunday Morning

This is how they really are, and not just for me.



At Christmas Time

A faux-madrigal for a modern Christmas.



Make Me Happy

A foolproof recipe for lifelong romance.  For me.



He Didn’t Say

From an unfinished musical. An entire relationship, start to finish, in about three minutes. Piano/vocal chart here.



The “I Got No Right to Sing the Blues” Blues

For those enduring a life of freedom, peace and privilege.




A devilish list song about a girl and her succession of dud men.



Hey Guys (An Apology to My Balls)

A tender ballad about vasectomies.

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